“What if” Part 2 of My STORY 2017 discoveries

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Have you ever asked yourself, “What if [fill in the blank]?

I did, a lot. These were the the kinds of “What ifs” I asked myself.

“What if” I had only called Alistair earlier on that day?
“What if” I hadn’t been so naive about him hiding money from me?
“What if” I had only accepted the help […]

discovering my STORY

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People go to conferences all the time. They go to learn about their work or their hobby or about something they love.

I also decided to go to some conferences. I’m a writer. I thought, hey, I should go to some writing conferences. Serendipitously I signed up for two conferences in Tennessee, one right after […]

I am perfect in my pain – Tribe 2017

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I was sick for the first two days of Tribe 2017. Really sick. So sick, I was literally locked in my hotel room, hotel staff waiting on me as necessary (and only as necessary) because I had a fever from a virus that would result in full body hives if I didn’t take 5 […]